Welcome to Orochena Consulting

Greetings, I’m David Orochena. I retired from federal service on September 30th 2006, but remain very much committed to public service. My personal philosophy entails helping others to succeed; and that attitude is brought to every endeavor I undertake. I’ve been involved with interagency efforts for over 25 years and have provided advice and guidance to a host of principals in both the pubic and private sectors.

When you engage Orochena Consulting Services, LLC., you hire me.

Whenever dealing with Orochena Consulting Services, you will have myself or an associate answering your questions, providing service and following up to ensure your satisfaction.

I will work toward a straightforward and simple solution for any problem that you are seeking assistance. If needed, I’ll help you by putting together a team of professionals – who will work together to deliver a solution that fulfills your expectations.

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